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Cybercrime, Law and Technology in Finland and Beyond
Aihe:Polamkin raportti 133  
Saatavuus:Juvenes Print 
Tekijät:Giulio Calcara, Peter Sund & Matti Tolvanen 

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Technology is continuously reshaping society. Finding legal and practical solutions to prevent and contain undesired phenomena, such as cybercrime, and to promote cybersecurity is becoming a matter of survival. The aim of this book is to reflect on the relationship between crime, law, and technology. Finland is among the leading countries in the process of digitalization and modernization of its infrastructures. For this reason, the country is the optimal starting point for the exploration of such a topic. This book explores the relationship among crime, law, and technology by addressing three distinct thematic areas: “Finnish and Nordic Legislation on Cybercrime”, “Local and Global Challenges in the Fight against Cybercrime”, and “Future Scenarios in Law and Technology.” Although most of the time Finland is the example used, the general issues discussed in this book are common across the globe.